Use sparklines to display data trends

A sparkline is a miniature chart in a worksheet cell that gives a visual summary of data. Sparklines are useful for highlighting trends in a series of values, like seasonal increases/decreases, economic cycles, or to emphasise maximum and minimum values. Arrange a sparkline close to its data for optimum impact.

Add a Sparkline

  1. Pick a blank cell at the end of a row of data.
  2. Choose Insert and select Sparkline type, like Line, or Column.
  3. Choose cells in the row and OK in menu.
  4. Greater rows of data? Drag handle to insert a Sparkline for every row.

Format a Sparkline chart

  1. Choose the Sparkline chart.
  2. Click Design and then select an option.
  • Click Line, Column, or Win/Loss to edit the chart type.
  • Check Markers to emphasise individual values in the Sparkline chart.
  • Pick a Style for the Sparkline.
  • Click Sparkline Colour and the colour.
  • Pick Sparkline Colour > Weight to determine the width of the Sparkline.
  • Choose Marker Colour to switch the colour of the markers.
  • If the data has positive and negative values, pick Axis to display the axis.

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