Using tags in Teams

Applies to: Microsoft Teams.


Tags allow you to swiftly reach a group of people altogether.

With tags, you can cluster people according to attributes, such as role, project, skill, training, or location. For example, a “Nurse” or “Manager” or Designer” tag will enable you to reach groups of people in Teams without having to type every single name.

After a tag is added, simply @mention it in a channel. Everyone who has been registered that tag will obtain a notification similarly if they were @mentioned specifically. 

An alternate way to deploy a tag is to commence a new chat and then choose the tag that is directed to your desired audience.

Create and manage tags in Teams

Pick Teams Teams button on the left side of the app and locate your team in the list. Then, choose More options More options button  and select Manage tags  manage tags icon .

Here, you can design tags and transfer them to your team members. 

Create a new tag

@mention a tag in a channel

In a channel conversation, merely @mention a tag in your message and pick the tag from the list. The tag will emerge simply like any @mention, and the people related with the tag will get alerted.

@mention a tag in Teams

Using tags in a chat

To begin a chat with the members of a tag, pick New chat  New chat icon in Teams , begin entering the name of the tag, and then choose the tag from the list. Everyone in the tag group will be imported to the To: field.

Select a tag in a chat

Manage settings for team owners

Team owners can decide which members of their team are permitted to insert tags. Press Teams Teams button  on the left side of the app and locate your team in the list.

Click More options More options button , pick Manage team  Settings button , select the Settings tab, and then make find your way to the Tags section. From within, you can manage whether team members or team owners can manage tags.

Manage team owner settings

Note: If yore unable to create or manage tags, your organisation might not have the feature enabled or you are not a team owner. If tags are enabled and you are not a team owner, you can still view tags that have been applied to yourself or other team members.

Note: Tags are not yet available in US Government Community Cloud (GCC), GCC High, or Department of Defense (DoD) organisations.

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