Using video in Microsoft Teams

Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

Once you join a Teams meeting, you’ll then notice the video streams of a maximum of nine other people on your screen altogether. 

Screenshot of Teams meeting with nine video streams showing

If there are over nine others in the meeting, we’ll prioritise those people with their video switched on alongside whoever’s speaking. For those with their video disabled, we’ll present their profile pic instead (or their initials if they haven’t added one).

Note: To provide the best audio and video experience, we may decrease the number of videos you’re able to see at once if you’re running a little low on bandwidth or computer memory.

Turn your video on or off

Before a meeting

To activate your video before a meeting, just press Turn camera on  Video call button  immediately before you join. 

Switch to turn camera on

During a meeting

You might want to switch your video on or off throughout the course of a meeting—if you’d rather people only notice you while you’re talking, for example. Find the meeting controls anytime during the meeting and select Turn camera on Video call button . 

Button to turn camera on in meeting controls

Change your video background

If you prefer to alter what shows behind you in your video, you can either blur your background, or replace it completely with one of our stock images. (The option to upload an image of your choice is coming soon!)

Once you’re setting up your audio and video before a meeting, pick Background effects Background settings (right next to the mic switch). You’ll observe your background options on the right. 


  • If you don’t see the option to turn on background effects, the feature might not be available on your device yet.
  • Background effects are only available for scheduled meetings.

For more info about customising your background, see Change your background for a Teams meeting.

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