Video: Add a background to a drawing page

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Set a background when you prefer a graphical element, like a company logo or a watermark, to show on several drawing pages.

Create a background page

  1. Pick the page that you want to add a background to.
  1. Click Design > Backgrounds, and press a background style.

Visio applies a new background page called VBackground-X.

  1. Right-click the background page tab, pick Rename, define a new name for the page, and press Enter.

Modify a background page

  • Choose the background page, and insert, delete, or change the shapes and text on the page.

Apply an existing background to a page

  1. Pick the page you want to add a background to.
  1. Click Design.
  1. In the Page Setup group, choose the More arrow.
  1. Press Page Properties.
  1. Choose a background page from the Backgrounds list, and press OK.

Note: Backgrounds work effectively when they and the foreground page are the exact size.

Remove or replace a background

  1. Pick the page you want to remove the background from.
  1. Choose Design > Backgrounds > No Background.
  1. If you’d like to remove a background in a printed version of your drawing, pick File > Print > Print All Pages > No Background.

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