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Create a header or footer that behaves like a background page and can be customised to all or specified pages in your diagrams.

Create a header and footer page

  1. Choose Design > Borders & Titles, and confirm your preferred style for the header or footer.
  1. Visio forms a new header and footer page named VBackground-X.

Right-click the header and footer background page tab, click Rename, and enter a new name.

  1. Pick the header and footer page.
  1. Double-click any of the text areas, and write in text.

Tip: To insert the date, time, or page information, choose a text box in the header or footer area, pick Insert > Field, and confirm your desired field.

Create a new text box in the footer

  1. Press Text Box.
  1. Drag to produce a new text box in the footer.
  1. Enter your preferred text.

Apply a background

  • Click Design > Backgrounds, and decide which background you want.

Apply an existing header and footer to a page

  1. Choose your desired page to apply the header and footer to.
  1. Click Design.
  1. In the Page Setup group, press the More arrow.
  1. Pick Page Properties.
  1. In the Background list, click your preferred header and footer page layout.

Note: Header and footer pages operate optimally when they and the foreground page have equal sizes.

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