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Place a hyperlink when you intend to link to similar or more in-depth details from another page in a diagram, an online document, or a website.

Link to a web or email address

  1. Click the shape.
  1. Pick Insert > Link.
  1. Enter an e-mail address, a website address or an FTP address, and press OK.

Link to another page in the diagram

  1. Choose the shape.
  1. Pick Insert > Link.
  1. Click Browse.
  1. For Page, press your sought flowchart to link to and press OK.
  1. Write a description, and click OK.

Note: To open the link, point to the shape and press Ctrl as you select it to open the link.

Link to a document

  1. Click the shape.
  1. Press Insert > Link.
  1. Choose Browse > Local File.
  1. Find the directory where the document is stored, pick the file, and press Open.
  1. Enter a description of the document and choose OK.

Edit a hyperlink

  1. Click the shape that has the particular hyperlink you’d like to alter.
  1. Press Insert > Link.
  1. Update the present hyperlink, or pick Delete to delete it.

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