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Insert virtually any kind of picture or image file into your diagram to produce visual appeal, improve your information, or encompass company branding.

Add a picture from your computer or from SharePoint

  1. Pick Insert. There are two options to choose from:
  • Choose Pictures to insert a picture from a local drive or a SharePoint site.
  • Click Online Pictures to transfer a picture from OneDrive or Bing.

Note: When using pictures or clip art from Bing, you’re responsible for respecting copyright.

  1. Search and add the picture. Select from several options:
  • Make your way to the folder where the picture is stored on your local drive or in SharePoint. Pick it, and click Open.
  • Choose a picture in Bing or OneDrive. Or enter keywords in the search box, and press Enter. Click your desired picture, and press Insert.

Note: Pick Bing, or choose OneDrive to change to OneDrive.

Move a picture

  • Drag the picture to your preferred location.

Resize a picture

  • Drag a resize handle until you reach the ideal picture size for yourself.

Adjust a picture

  • Choose AutoBalance to intuitively adjust the brightness and colour.
  • Pick Compress Picture to minimise the picture’s file size.
  • Choose Line to apply an outline.
  • Press Crop Tool to slice away unnecessary aspects of the picture.
  • Press Bring to Front or Send to Back to edit the order of your picture compared to other objects on the page.

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