Video: Add text to shapes, diagrams, or connectors

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Put in text to shapes, connectors, and pages to increase the importance of diagrams.

Add text to a shape or connector

  1. Pick a shape or a connector.
  1. Enter in the text.
  1. Choose a blank area on the drawing page.

Edit text on a shape or connector

  1. Click a shape or connector.
  1. Press Home > Text.
  1. Append your changes.
  1. Choose a blank area on the drawing page.

Rotate text in a shape or connector

  1. Choose a shape or connector.
  1. Press Home > Text Block.
  1. Drag the rotation handle to the left or to the right.
  1. Click Home > Pointer Tool.

Add text to a drawing page

  1. Choose Insert > Text Box.
  1. Click either Draw Horizontal Text Box or Vertical Text Box.
  1. Pick the desired area on the drawing page for where you prefer to place the text.
  1. Write in the text.
  1. Press a blank area of the drawing page.

Move text in a shape or on a connector

  1. Click the shape or connector that contains the text.
  1. Pick Home > Text Block.
  1. Drag the text to an alternate location.

Change the look of text in a shape, connector, or text box

  1. Click the shape, connector, or text box.
  1. Choose Home > Font or Home > Paragraph, and pick options:
  • Font Size increases or decreases the text size.
  • Bold makes the text thicker.
  • Font Colour alters the colour of the text.
  • Align Centre centres the text on the object.

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