Video: Annotate a diagram

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Add further clarity to your diagrams with callouts to emphasise those sets of information.

Add a callout to a shape

  1. Pick a shape.
  1. Press Insert > Callout.
  1. Click a callout style to view a preview.
  1. Choose your ideal callout style.
  1. With the callout shape chosen, input the callout text.
  1. Drag the callout shape to rearrange it.
  1. Click a blank area of the drawing page to complete.

Note: When a callout is related to a shape, the callout shifts with the shape promptly. If the shape is replicated or erased, the callout is also duplicated or removed.

Move the callout to another shape

  1. Pick the callout.
  1. Choose the control handle, and drag it to the shape to be connected with your sought callout.
  1. Drag the callout shape to change its location.

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