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Apply a theme to showcase your Visio diagrams in a professional appearance.

Apply a theme to a page

  1. Click Design.
  1. Among the Themes group, press More.
  1. Aim at a theme to preview how it displays in the diagram.
  1. Pick a theme to reflect in the page.
  1. In the Variants group, choose More to request different colours and effects for the theme.

Apply a different theme to a page in the same diagram

  1. Click Insert > New Page > Duplicate This Page.
  1. To edit the title, choose it and enter what you want.
  1. To alter the theme, pick Design and confirm a theme from the gallery.

Remove a theme or background

Do one of the following:

  • To delete a theme from a chosen page, press Design > No Theme.Screenshot of Themes toolbar
  • To erase a background, press Design > Backgrounds > No Background.

Prevent themes from affecting a new shape

  1. Click Design.
  1. In the Themes group, choose More.
  1. Choose Apply Theme to New Shapes, if necessary, to clear it.

Note: New shapes will be excluded from theme formatting.

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