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With Planner, you can build a simple yet powerful project plan for your team.

Create a plan on Planner for the web

  1. Click +New plan.
  1. Type a plan name.
  1. Either:
  • Choose Create plan to create a new group, or
  • Press Add to an existing Office 365 Group.
  • Pick a group, Choose Group, and then Create plan.

Add a plan to Teams

  1. Click +.
  1. Press Planner.
  1. Pick Create a new plan, or choose Use an existing plan from this team, and confirm a plan.
  1. Press Save.
  1. If you design a new group, click Members, and then type a name to give to a member. If you created the plan to a current group, you’ll already have team members.

Add buckets and emojis

  1. Press Add new bucket.
  1. Enter a name that is practical for your project: phases, variations of work, and so on.
  1. To insert an emoji, press the Windows key and the semicolon, and choose an emoji.

Add tasks

  1. Press + and give the task a name.
  1. Click Set due date and pick a date.
  1. Choose Assign and pick a team member.
  1. Click Add Task.

Add task details

  1. Pick the task.
  1. Click the Progress drop-down to modify the progress: Not startedIn progress, or Completed.
  1. Write a Description.
  1. Below Checklist, press Add an item and enter your ideal item to apply to the checklist.
  1. Choose Add attachment and choose the attachment type. You can upload a File, supply a Link (URL), or attach a file in the SharePoint site related to your plan’s group.
  1. Enter a comment and press Send.

Comments are relayed to the group’s inbox and you can even decide to obtain these directly in your e-mail inbox.

  1. Choose the Show on card checkbox to present your description, checklist, or attachment on the task card.
  1. To swiftly insert related tasks to your plan, pick the three dots  and then Copy task.
  • Enter a new name.
  • Below Include, choose the checkboxes for the particular items you want to add in the new task.
  • Press Copy.

Define labels

Define labels to colour-code and categorise your tasks.

  • Pick a colour tab and write a label name.

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