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Use the Grid to position shapes accurately on a page.

Show or hide the grid

  • Find View, and click the Grid check box to present the grid.
  • Select View, and clear the Grid check box to hide the grid.

Work with a variable grid

A variable grid, which displays more exact gridlines at deeper magnifications, is useful in many drawings.

  1. Press View > More.

Screenshot of the Ruler, Grid, Guides toolbar with the options icon emphasized

  1. In the Ruler & Grid box, pick FineNormal, or Coarse for Grid spacing Horizontal and Grid spacing Vertical.

Note: Fine is the tiniest grid spacing, and Coarse is the biggest.

  1. Press OK.

Work with a fixed grid

A fixed grid presents the equal spacing, discounting the magnification.

  1. Click View > More.
  1. In the Ruler & Grid box, choose Fixed for Grid spacing Horizontal and Grid spacing Vertical.
  1. Enter your preferred spacing between gridlines in Minimum spacing.
  1. Choose OK.

Want more?

Change grid spacing and size

Show, hide, or change the grid in Visio


When size and distance are important in a diagram, keep your scale under tight control with the Grid.

Most Visio templates use a variable grid, where you see additional gridlines as you zoom in on your drawing.

For example, you might see gridlines every quarter inch when you view the whole page, but every eighth inch when you zoom in.

The extra gridlines at higher magnifications help you align shapes more precisely.

When you want to change the variable grid spacing, go to View and select the More arrow in the Show group.

Then select a Grid spacing option for the Horizontal and Vertical axes.

As you zoom in, the variable grid adjusts for ease of use.

Or, for lines that represent the same distance regardless of zoom level, select Fixed in Grid spacing.

A fixed grid is especially useful in floor plans and maps, where you always want gridlines to show the same measurement, such as an inch, a centimetre, or a foot.

Enter the Minimum spacing required between lines for each axis …

… and the grid retains a fixed perspective throughout the design process, regardless of zoom level.

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