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When your diagram includes actual objects that are larger than the printed page, define the drawing scale to match the real size.

  1. Find your specific page to adapt the drawing scale on, and choose Design.
  1. In the Page Setup group, press the More arrow.

Preview(opens in a new tab)

Screenshot of Page Set toolbar up with Auto Size selected

Tip: All pages in a drawing can have a varying drawing scale.

  1. Click Drawing Scale.
  1. Press Pre-defined scale, and select your ideal pre-defined scale.
  1. Decide a scale ratio if you’d prefer or pick Custom Scale and type your personal values
  1. Click OK.

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Change the drawing scale


Drawing scale determines how a distance on the page represents a distance in the real world.

For example, one inch on a drawing of an office layout might represent one foot in the actual office.

When diagrams show real-world objects, such as offices, set the drawing scale to a ratio that reflects actual measurements and spacing.

To better show the details of my office plan, I’ll change the drawing scale.

I go to Design, select the More arrow in the Page Setup group, and select Drawing Scale.

There are four pre-defined scales. Choose the one that meets your needs, such as Architectural.

When you change the drawing scale, you might notice that the shapes in your diagram become larger or smaller on the screen.

But, relative to the ruler, they’re the same size as they were—an inch-wide shape is still an inch-wide.

The drawing scale I want to use isn’t in this list.

So, I’ll select Custom Scale, enter my own values,

and select OK to apply the changes.

Now I’ve changed the scale on my drawing so that the office plan realistically reflects the size, dimensions, and spacing of the objects in it.

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