Video: Change who a roadmap is shared with

Note: Don’t see Roadmap? You may not have the right license, or your admin needs to enable it.

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Once you’ve shared a Roadmap with an Office 365 group, you can edit who you’ve shared it with. While you can’t remove the group you initially selected to share your roadmap with, you can insert or erase members from the group.

Stop sharing a roadmap with a person

  1. Pick Members.
  1. Choose the person and press the X to remove them.

Note: This removes the person from the Office 365 group that you shared the roadmap with. This will also prevent them from accessing any other shared group assets such as OneNote notebooks, Outlook email, and SharePoint sites.

Share your roadmap with a new member

  1. Choose Members.
  1. Begin writing the person’s name and then pick them from the search results.

 This adds them to the Office 365 group. In addition to the Roadmap, any people you add also gain access to the group’s shared email, sites, and other files.

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