Video: Connect a row to Azure Boards

Note: Don’t see Roadmap? You may not have the right license, or your admin needs to enable it.

Try it!

You can connect an existing row to Azure Boards, or add a new row and connect it.

  1. Click an existing row, or choose Add Row to insert a new one.
  1. Create a title and select an owner.
  1. Pick Connect to a project, then Azure Boards.
  1. Select your Azure DevOps organisation.
  1. Pick a project, and press Connect.
  1. Create items by entering some text in the box, and then choosing your particular phases or key dates you to presentin your roadmap.
  1. After you’re finished, click Add, and press the X to shut the pane.

The Start and End dates for these items will remain in sync with Azure Boards, but you can edit the name and Status to fulfil your objectives.

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