Video: Connect a row to Project Online

Note: Don’t see Roadmap? You mght not have the relevant licence, or your admin must activate it.

Try it!

  1. To link a row to Project Online:
  • Pick an existing row, or
  • Choose Add row to add a new one
  1. Insert a title and select an owner.
  1. Click Connect to a project, then Project Online.
  1. Choose the Project Web App URL check mark to confirm the URL.

Note: If a URL remains absent, search for your Project Web App URL by pressing Project Home and at the bottom of the page, choosing Go to Project Web App. When the Project Web App page appears, copy its URL. Then return to Roadmap and paste the URL in the Project Web App URL box.

  1. To pick your project, begin writing the project name in the box, and then choose it from the list.
  1. Click Connect.
  1. To create items, enter some text in the Search for items to add box, click the desired phases or key dates to display in your roadmap, and then press Add.

The start and end dates for these items will keep in sync with Project Online, but you can alter the name and status in the roadmap to match your goals.

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