Video – Create a plan with Planner in Teams

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While you’re using Microsoft Teams, organise your tasks by placing one or several Planner tabs to a team channel. Once done, you can subsequently proceed with your plan from within Teams or in Planner for web, relocate or erase your plan, and get informed in Teams when a task has been assigned to you in Planner.

  1. In a channel, press +.

  1. Choose Planner.

  1. Make a plan and then click Save.
  • Choose Create a new plan and type a Tab Name, or
  • Pick Use an existing plan and specify a plan from the Existing plans drop-down.

  1. Create buckets.
  • Press Add new bucket and write a name.

  1. Insert and assign tasks.
  • Press + to add a task and input a name.
  • Choose Set due date and confirm a date.
  • Pick Assign and select the person to assign it to.
  • Click Add Task.

  1. State a Description and Checklist.
  • Pick the task, type a Description, and choose Show on card.
  • Below Checklist, press Add an item, and enter the item.
  • Select anywhere beyond the task to shut it down.

  1. Update a task.
  • Click the task and amend it.

  1. Group tasks.
  • Choose Group by Bucket, and then pick an option from the drop-down.
  • Click Progress to drag tasks from Not started to In progress, or from In progress to Completed.

  1. Chart progress.
  • Pick Charts.

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