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If you decide to present information in a table, select the exact one for your purpose: a quick table embedded with shapes for simple one with that won’t change, or a built-in Excel worksheet when you require a dynamic information source.

Build a table with shapes

  1. Pick More Shapes > Business > Charts and Graphs > Charting Shapes.
  1. Drag the Grid shape onto the drawing page.
  1. Choose your desired amount of rows and columns to include in your table, and press OK.
  1. Drag the sizing handles on the Grid shape to adjust the size of the rows and columns.
  1. Drag the Row Header or Column Header shape onto the drawing page, and move it adjacent to a row or column.
  1. Double-click a cell, type data, and then pick a blank area of the drawing page to finish.

Embed an Excel worksheet

  1. Pick Insert > Object.
  1. Choose Microsoft Excel Worksheet, and press OK.
  1. Double-click a cell and fill in data.
  1. To edit column widths, pick the columns and then press Home > Format > AutoFit Column Width.

Format an embedded Excel table

  1. Click Insert > Table.
  1. Type the cell ranges in the table area and press OK.
  1. Choose Page Layout > Themes, and select a table style.

Remove empty columns and rows from an embedded Excel table

  1. Double-click the table.
  1. Drag the resize handles to conceal blank rows and columns.

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