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The SharePoint start page is your central hub to reach SharePoint sites and portals, check news, or explore up content.

  • News from sites prioritises updates from sites you follow or regularly check.
  • Frequent sites displays sites you enjoy visiting and latest activity.
  • Suggested sites emerge according to your latest searches and recommendations directly from the Microsoft Graph.

Note: Microsoft Graph must be activated by your admin to view highlighted content and suggested sites on your SharePoint start page.

  • To find a site, file, or person within your company, enter it in the search box and choose it from the results to access and see it.
  • Following presents every site you follow, like your team site or a site from a different group you collaborate with. To follow a SharePoint site, search for its location, and click the star Shows the Star icon adjacent to the site’s name.
  • Recent displays any SharePoint sites you have went on recently.
  • Saved stores news posts you’ve saved to read at a later time. To save a news post for later, press the save-for-later flag Save for later flag by the bottom of the news post.
  • Featured links presents sites your company wants to focus on.

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