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Format your notes to deliver your desired appearance.

Format notes

  • Choose the Home tab and then pick your desired formatting font, font size, BoldItalic, or Underline.

Highlight text

  • Choose Highlight and confirm your desired colour.

Create lists

  • Click Bullets or Numbering to produce a list.

Indent text

  • Press Increase Indent to indent text.

Align notes

  • Click Paragraph Formatting to:
  • Align notes left, centre, or right.
  • Insert tags such as ImportantQuestion, or Critical, and choose them once more to erase them from your notes.

Apply styles

  • Pick Styles to set a HeadingPage TitleCitation, or Quote to your notes.

Clear formatting

  • Choose Clear All Formatting to clear all text formatting.

Insert Link

  • Enter your sought address into your page to instantly create a link, or press Insert > Link.

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