Video: Insert pictures/files and videos

Try it!

You can insert pictures, files, and videos to your notes to design interactive notebooks.

Insert a picture

  1. Tap or select your desired location to insert a picture on the page.
  1. Click Insert > Pictures and choose From File.
  1. Grab your sought picture and press Open.

Insert a copy of a file

  1. Click Insert > File.
  1. Pick Insert as Attachment.
  1. Choose the file and press Open.

Insert a PDF Printout

  1. Click Insert > File.
  1. Choose Insert PDF Printout.
  1. Confirm the file and pick Open.

Insert a video

  1. Find your desired video online.
  1. Copy the video URL from the address bar.
  1. Select your preferred location on the page, and paste it.

You can choose the link to play the video back at its source or click the Play button on the embedded video and watch it directly in your notes.

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