Video: Manage shapes by adding layers

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Apply layers to your Visio drawing to handle objects and keep organised.

See which layers a shape is assigned to

  1. Choose a shape.
  1. Pick Home > Layers > Assign to Layer. The assigned layers are chosen in the list.

Show or hide a layer

  1. Click Home > Layers > Layer Properties.
  1. Do one of the following.
  • To reveal a layer, click its Visible check box.
  1. To cover a layer, empty its Visible check box.

Note: Shapes are visible if any of the layers they’re assigned to are visible.

Assign shapes to layers

In some templates, particular shapes are assigned indefinitely to preset layers.

  1. Pick a shape.
  1. Choose Home > Layers >Assign to Layer.
  1. Pick your ideal layers for assigning the shape to, and press OK.

Tip: Shapes can be assigned to a series of layers. Organise them in both broad and specific layers, based on your preferences.

Make a layer active

Shapes can be assigned to numerous layers. Organise them in both broad and specific layers, depending on your needs.

  • Pick Home > Layers > Layer Properties.
  • For the layer you want to become active, choose its Active check box.

Create a layer

  1. Press Home > Layers > Layer Properties.
  1. Click New.
  1. Enter a name for the layer, and press OK.

Delete a layer

  1. If shapes are assigned to the layer, assign them to another layer.
  1. Click Home > Layers > Layer Properties.
  1. Choose the layer, and pick Remove.
  1. Choose Yes.

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