Video – Manage your tasks in Microsoft Planner

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There are many ways to view and update your tasks in Microsoft Planner.

Filter your tasks

  1. Click Filter.
  1. Type a keyword or pick a Due date, LabelBucket, or Assignment. To clear a filter, select Clear.

Use Group by

  1. Find Group by.
  1. Pick an option: BucketAssigned toProgressDue date, or Labels.

Change task details

  • Drag a task from one column to another to alter the label, for instance, from Technical to General.
  • To complete a task, choose the checkmark on the task card.

Select Charts to check status

Press Charts to view the:

  • Status – status of tasks.
  • Bucket – progress of tasks in each bucket.
  • Members – availability of team members.
  • Pick Add Task.

Select Schedule to see where your tasks are on a calendar

  • Press Schedule.

See all tasks assigned to you

  • In Planner – click My tasks in the left pane.
  • In Microsoft To-Do – switch on Assigned to me to scan your Planner tasks.

Create another plan with the same buckets and tasks

  • Click the three dots 
  • Press Copy plan.

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