Video: Measure distance in a diagram

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Create detail to your diagrams by indicating the size of shapes or the distance between two points.

Find and open the measure tools

  • Click More Shapes > Visio Extras > Drawing Tool Shapes.

Measure lengths and distances

  1. Click the Measure tool shape you want and store it around the area you want to measure.
  1. Position the endpoint of the Measure tool shape to a point you want to measure from.

Note: The endpoint turns green when the shape’s ready to use.

  1. Choose the other endpoint and drag the Measure tool shape to the sought target area.

Tip: Use the Horizontal measure shape or the Vertical measure shape if you want the measurements to correspond with the horizontal or vertical axes on the grid.

Want more?

Measure the distance between two points

You can add detail to maps and floorplans by including a tape measure that highlights the size of shapes and the distance between them.

I want to use our floorplan to show everyone how much room they’ll have in their new offices.

So I’ll use the measure tools to add sizes and distances to my diagram.

To find the measure tools, I go to More Shapes, select Visio Extras, and select Drawing Tool Shapes.

First, I’ll measure the width of the office space.

I place the Horizontal measure shape against the left wall, and drag the handle until the measure is against the right wall.

There. Now I can see the width.

Next, I’ll measure the length of the room.

I place the Vertical measure shape against the front wall and drag the handle until the measure reaches the back wall.

It looks good.

But, I’d like the measurements to be easier to see.

So I’ll move the Horizontal measure to the top of the floorplan.

And the Vertical measure to the side.

Next, I’ll drag a Measure tool shape onto the diagram to measure the desk from here to here.

My drawing is almost complete.

But I want the measurements to stand out.

So I’ll go to Home and choose a larger font size.

With measurements to work with, our staff has more complete information available to plan their new office spaces.

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