Video: Organise shapes in containers

Store linked shapes into containers to reveal relationships between shapes in a diagram.

Add a container

  1. Pick Insert > Container, and select a container style.
  1. Choose the heading text, and write a descriptive title for the container.
  1. Drag shapes into the container. As you drag, you’ll see a highlight around the container when the shapes are linked to it.

Connect shapes to containers

  1. Press Home > Container.
  1. Drag a connector from your target shape to the edge of the container shape you seek. An outline symbolises the shapes are connected.

Reposition the container

  1. To rearrange shapes in a container, pick the container and then press Pointer Tool.
  1. Drag the container to your preferred location to go on the drawing page.

Change the look of a container

With the container chosen, click Format for these options –

  • To edit the style, choose Container Styles and pick a style.
  • To alter the heading’s location, click Heading Style and select a new style.
  • To edit the distance between the container and the shapes, pick Margins and confirm a distance.
  • To resize the container to its smallest size, press Fit to Contents.

Prevent changes to a container

  1. Choose the container.
  1. Pick Format > Lock Container.

Remove a container

  1. Click the particular container you prefer to delete.
  1. Choose Format > Disband Container.

Note: Only the container is deleted. The shapes inside are kept.

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