Video: Organise your notebooks

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Depending on whether you prefer plenty of structure, or barely any, OneNote makes organising your notebook to your personal preferences easy.

Show navigation panes

  • Pick View > Navigation Panes > Show All, ensuring you can see view of your notebooks, sections, and pages.

Move a page from one section to another

  • Drag the page title to your target section.

Rearrange the order of pages or sections

  • Drag the page or section title to your desired position in the list.

Copy a page to another section or notebook

  1. Right-click the page and pick Copy.
  1. Right-click a blank page in a different section/notebook and choose Paste.

Move or copy a section

  1. Right-click the section title and pick Move/Copy.
  1. Choose a notebook and then press Move or Copy.

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