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Using Microsoft Planner, you can cooperate on a project with a team, check progress reports, and track individual assignments.

Open Planner

  1. Press the App launcherAll apps, then Planner.
  1. To pin Planner to the highest level of the app launcher, click the three dots, then Pin to launcher.

Planner and Office 365 groups

Planner functions with Office 365 groups. When you press New plan to form a plan in Planner, a fresh group is produced with the same name, given you avoid choosing Add to an existing group.

Select or favourite a plan

  • Click a plan in your Planner hub in Recent plans or All plans.
  • To mark a plan as a favourite, pick the three dots  beside the plan name, and then Add to favourites.

Add a plan in Teams

Add a Planner tab in Teams to allow collaborating with your team easier with your team on your plan, have discussions, and share files at once in a one-stop shop.

Add buckets

  • Press Add new bucket and input a name.

Add a task

  1. Press + and set a name for the task.
  1. Click Set due date and confirm a date.
  1. Choose Assign and click a team member.
  1. Pick Add Task.

Set notifications

  1. Press the Settings gear icon and then Notifications.
  1. Click or empty the checkboxes to confirm your notification preferences, and press Save.

Filter tasks

  1. Pick Filter.
  1. Type a keyword or pick a Due date, LabelBucket, or Assignment. To remove a filter, press Clear.

Use Group by to sort your tasks

  • Click Group by and pick an option: BucketAssigned toProgressDue date, or Labels.

Change due date, status, or details

  • Choose Group byDue date and drag the task to a different bucket to edit the due date.
  • To finish a task, choose the checkmark on the task card.
  • Pick a task to insert further details: assign, progress, due date, description, checklist, attachments, comments.

View status, calendar, and all task assigned to you

  • Pick Charts to visually view the status of tasks, progress of tasks in every bucket, and availability of team members.
  • Click Schedule to check where your tasks are on a calendar. To import the schedule to Outlook, press the three dots  beside Schedule and then pick Add plan to Outlook calendar.
  • To view each task assigned to you throughout each plan, choose My tasks in the left pane. Or, in Microsoft To-Do, activate Assigned to Me.

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