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Use Microsoft Planner to arrange an event, like tracking a product launch.

Work with buckets

Use buckets to organise tasks by type, including event planning, marketing and ad collateral, and PR.

  1. Click Add new bucket and enter a new task category.
  1. Choose + to insert tasks to a bucket, and input a name.
  1. Press Add Task.

Work with labels

Apply labels to check which tasks require your attention.

  1. Enter names for your labels.
  1. Choose a coloured box to erase or insert a label to a task.

Add a comment

Post a comment to talk about a task with the people it’s delegated to.

  1. Put a message in the Comments box.
  1. Press Send.

Keep track of tasks

Use Charts and Board view to track progress for every team member and the entire project, or to arrange and schedule tasks.

  • Pick Charts > Group by > Due date to view which task is due next.
  • Choose Board > Group by > Progress to group tasks by progress.

Note: Tasks are organised by Not startedIn progress, and Completed so you’ll know when you can launch your product.

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