Video: Print a diagram

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Prior to printing a diagram, alter the print settings, glance at how it’ll present, review and amend any required alterations.

Preview the diagram

  1. Select File > Print.
  1. There are several preview options to select from:

Screenshot Print options

  • Click Zoom Out or Zoom In to edit the preview scale.
  • Pick the preview and drag the image to pan across the page to check other parts of the diagram.
  • Choose Zoom to Page to view the entire drawing page.
  • Pick the arrows on every side of the page number to change pages.

Fit the diagram on a single page

If your diagram is a different size than the paper, edit the drawing.

  1. Click Portrait Orientation or Landscape Orientation.
  1. Pick a paper size.
  1. Choose Page Setup.
  1. Press Fit to.
  1. Tap OK.

Add a header or footer

  1. Choose Edit Header & Footer.
  1. Fill in the header and footer text in the LeftCentre, or Right box.
  1. Press OK.

Print the diagram

  1. Choose a printer.
  1. Confirm the number of copies.
  1. Choose the pages to print.
  1. Click Collated or Uncollated.
  1. Pick Colour or Black and white.
  1. Press Print.

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