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Use the Kaizala Actions to insert content, create questions, and publish training.

To append content:

  1. Pick a chat.
  1. Press Actions, and then choose tap Training. If you don’t see Training, select ADD MORE+ and add it.
  1. Put in a title, description, and photo, and then press the checkmark.
  1. Touch Next, and then choose Add Content.
  1. Select Text, apply your training content, and then choose Done.
Kaizala Training

To create questions:

  1. Press Add Question, type a question and choices, and then choose Done. If you want to Allow more than one answer to be selected, press this checkbox before you select Done.
  1. Select the answers and choose Submit. Set however many questions you would like.
  1. Choose Next, define your options, and then press Send Training.
Kaizala Training

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