Video – See your Planner schedule in Outlook calendar

Try it!

Manage your time more effectively by observing your Planner tasks on your Outlook calendar.

Add your plan to Outlook calendar

  1. By the top of your Planner board, choose the three dots 
  1. Press Add plan to Outlook calendar.

Notes: If you notice this option, the plan owner must publish the plan as an Outlook calendar:

  1. Click the three dots Add plan to Outlook calendar, and Publish. The plan is now public for each member of the plan. The plan owner should also press Add to Outlook if they want to view the plan in Outlook.
  1. On the Calendar subscription page, edit the Calendar name if you like, and press Save.

View your plan and tasks in Outlook

  1. Below Other calendars, pick your plan.
  1. Click Select a Planner task to have a quick view.
  1. To check extra details, choose the View event arrow in the upper right. Within here, you can view dates, progress, and a checklist summary. You can even choose Open this task in Microsoft Planner. In Planner, you can still adjust this task as normal.

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