Video: Share a roadmap with a group

Note: Don’t see Roadmap? You might not own the suitable licence, or your admin must approve it.

Try it!

You can share a roadmap with people in your organisation by connecting with Office 365 groups. You can either share with an established group owned by you or produce a new group from fresh.

Share a roadmap with members in an existing group

  1. Click Members, and then Choose an existing group.

Note: You can’t delete a group from your roadmap after you’ve chosen it.

  1. Pick your desired group to share the roadmap with.

The Members button updates to show how many people have access to your roadmap.

Create a new group to share the roadmap with

  1. Click Members, and then explore and choose the members you want.
  1. Group settings if you’d like to insert extra details about the group.
  1. Choose Done to make the group. The Members button updates to indicate the total number of people with access to your roadmap.

Notify the group the roadmap is available

  • Share that roadmap URL with the group.

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