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Use Kaizala Actions to share your location. My Current Location allows you to share your instant point location while My Live Location permits a contact to keep tabs of your real-time location as you travel.

Share your current location

  1. In a chat, press Kaizala Actions, and then select Share Location. If you don’t have Share Location:
  • Hit Add More.
  • Choose Share Location.
  • Touch Add.
  1. Press Share Location > My Current Location.
  1. Select Share.
  1. Based on your purposes, send a follow-up message to your contact.

Share your live location

  1. In a chat, choose Kaizala Actions, and then touch Share Location > My Live Location.
  1. Choose the amount of time you want to share your location for.
  1. Press Start Sharing.
  1. Select to expand the My Live Location map and track real-time location.

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