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Using OneNote allows you to take notes in your preferred approach. You can type notes, write notes, change handwritten notes to text, and also record audio notes.

Type a note

  • Select or tap anywhere on the page and begin typing. Your entire work is saved instantly.

Move a note

  • Drag the top of the content box to your desired location on the page.

Resize a note

  • Drag the edge of the content box to modify its size.

Handwrite notes

You can handwrite notes with a mouse, stylus, or your finger.

  • Click Draw, select a pen, and start writing.

Convert handwriting to text

  1. Select Select Objects or Type Text or Lasso Select.
  1. Draw a circle enclosing the text and pick Ink to Text. Now you can alter the text exactly as you would with altering your typed text.

Use OneNote to record audio notes

  1. Choose or tap the page, and then press Insert > Audio. OneNote subsequently commences recording.
  1. To end the recording, click Stop.
  1. To listen to the recording, select the Play button, or double-click the audio recording.

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