Video – Use Schedule view in Microsoft Planner

Try it!

Use Schedule view to organise your tasks on calendar.

View and manage tasks

  1. Click Schedule. You can look by Month or Week.
  1. Press Week.
  1. Direct your cursor towards a date and choose + to add a task.
  1. Drag the side of the task to alter the task’s dates.

Manage unscheduled tasks

  1. See tasks without start and due dates below Unscheduled tasks.
  1. Click Group by and then an option such as Progress, to arrange your unscheduled tasks.
  1. Drag an unscheduled task to the calendar to log it.

Remove a task’s start date and due date

  • Drag the task from the calendar to Unscheduled tasks.

You can also monitor your schedule in Teams or transfer your plan to Outlook calendar.

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