Video: Welcome to Roadmap

Note: Don’t see Roadmap? You may not have the right license, or your admin needs to enable it.


Use Roadmap to:

  • Design a view of your organisation’s projects and drive them together to achieve your business goals.
  • Connect directly to projects from several systems in your organisation, enabling every team to utilise the tools that complement their work style.
  • Select the most appropriate items from each project to focus on key investments and deliverables.
  • Adjust project order to illustrate your most important work.
  • Track progress with similar goals by including top-level key dates that last throughout projects.
  • Rapidly review each phase status and milestones to detect ‘red flags’ promptly.
  • Work collaboratively with others by sharing your roadmap with a current Office 365 group, or forming a new group of stakeholders.

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