View analytics for your teams

Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

Teams enables you to to monitor analytics information about teams in which you are a member or an owner of. This can offer you insights into your team member’s activity patterns. Information could comprise: The amount of active users, the total guests, or the overall number of messages distributed in each team. 

View analytics for all of your teams

You can receive a summary of usage data for all teams that you are a member or owner of—all in a one holistic list view. 

  1. By the bottom of your teams list, aside Join or create a team, choose Manage teams Settings button .
  2. On the Analytics tab, choose a date range to present usage data for each team in which you’re a member or owner of.
View analytics for all teams

View analytics for an individual team

You can even acquire a clearer snapshot view of usage data for a particular team that you’re a member or an owner of.

  1. Find the team that you want, pick More options More options button , and then select Manage team  Settings button .
  2. On the Analytics tab, pick a date range to reveal usage data for that team.
View analytics for an individual team

Note: Viewing analytics in Teams is currently unsupported on mobile.

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