Where’s OneNote 2016 in the Microsoft Store?

Applies to: OneNote for Windows 10, OneNote 2016.

Microsoft Office 365 in the Microsoft Store accompanies OneNote for Windows 10. This new app is quicker, more user friendly, and more accessible than previously, and it’s frequently enhanced with innovative features.

If you’ve downloaded Office from the Store and are searching for OneNote 2016, please refer to the important information below.

Office in the Microsoft Store

Microsoft Office is available for download from the Microsoft Store app. This edition of Office equips you with all of the familiar great apps and features, alongside the credibility and protection of a Store app.

To download Office from the Store, press the Start button on the Windows task bar and pick the Microsoft Store app. Once you’ve launched the Store, just search for Office to download and install Office 365.

For further information about Office in the Microsoft Store, see our answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Where do I get OneNote?

OneNote is built-in on all editions of Windows 10. The app also joins Office in the Microsoft Store and provides subscriber-only features, such as ink effects, Maths, and Researcher. If you already have Office 365, just sign into OneNote with your subscription account to begin benefitting from these features.

OneNote on Windows devices
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To open OneNote, select or touch the Start button on the Windows task bar, begin typing OneNote, and then choose or tap the OneNote app icon when it displays in the results list.

Alternatively, you can scroll through the alphabetical list of installed apps, and then choose OneNote below the O section. On many devices, the OneNote tile is automaticallypinned to the Windows Start menu.

OneNote for Windows 10 is routinely updated with new features and developments. For a list of newly added features, see What’s new in OneNote for Windows 10.

What if I still need OneNote 2016?

If your company or school requires you to use OneNote 2016, you can download it from the Microsoft Store.

Note: For the best experience, Microsoft recommends using OneNote for Windows 10, which is constantly updated with new features. OneNote 2016 in the Microsoft Store is a first-look build and may work differently to what is expected.

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